ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Randy Zeidberg
Randy began her outdoor career climbing trees, biking and roller skating in the Bronx, New York. When her parents introduced her to the Catskill Mountains she added hiking and swimming. Then, through friends, she found the Shawangunk Mountains. It was there she learned to rock climb, mountain bike and cross-country ski.

Randy taught physical education for thirty years, mostly in all-girls’ schools, and became increasingly aware that some girls needed to be nudged a bit to engage in outdoor sports. Her book grew out of this awareness and will undoubtedly inspire many young girls to go outdoors!

Holly met Randy at a climbing gym in New York City. They became friends and have climbed together in the Gunks and Colorado. One day Randy told Holly about a children’s book she wanted to write and they decided to do it together! Holly started skiing and mountain climbing with her family in Europe and Colorado when she was very young.  She still loves it. Her mother worked with the Girl Guides and Scouts and always encouraged young girls to do outdoor activities. Holly went to art school in New York State and Colorado.

Laurie taught photography at the same all-girls school where Randy taught.  They became collaborative colleagues and good friends.  Laurie’s favorite classes, when she was asked to substitute for an absent teacher, were the physical education classes!  Her other interests, besides photography, are art and design.  She was thrilled to reunite with Randy on this book project and happy to work with Holly, who she respects very much as an illustrator!


Who is That? is both a guessing game and an invitation to the wonderful world of girls sports in the great outdoors. The book whisks young readers on a whirlwind tour of adventures on land, sea and sky.

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